Client Portal

A big part of working with different clients is being able to deliver data in variety of different formats. However, there are certain clients that you may deal with that don’t have a modern way to receive data or cases where they need to log in and download data manually. Waypoint Software offers you the ability to set up a client portal for your clients to log into and download data from campaigns that they’re associated with. To set up a new client, simply navigate to the Clients tab in your navigation bar.

Once you’re in the Clients management page, click the plus button at the top right to add a new client. On the following page assign a Username and Password for your client to user to log in, and fill out their contact information below. Finally, select the campaign from the drop down list that you wish your client to be able to download data from and click the Save Changes button.


Your client will be created and able to now log into your instance with the username and password you have assigned to them, but only be able to see the campaign that you have given them access too. When your client logs in, their display screen will look as follows:


They will be able to navigate to the Leads Summery tab, which provides a count for the total number of records in the specific campaign, or the Leads Manager tab where they can perform an inventory search of the records in campaign assigned to them and download the records.