Looking for a new Data Management Platform?

Are you in the market for SaaS technology to centralize and aggregate all of your real time and legacy data into one easy to use system? Waypoint Software offers Data Cleansing, Data Enhancement, Data Filtering, real time data and lead distribution through multiple API and FTP methods. Most of our clients use Waypoint Software to integrate with Call Centers, Dialers (Vici,Five9,ect), CRM Solutions(Leads 360,Salesforce,ect) ESP(Email Service Providers such as Mailchimp, GetResponse, VOLO, Topica), and other 3rd party systems from data partners to help monetize their own internal data and website traffic. You can connect to as many ESP/Outgoing campaigns as you want as long as they have API or FTP for Data Intake. All of these features are available at your fingertips under one Easy To Use, White Labeled Web Based System. The best part is once you have everything setup to your campaign specs everything is completely automated. You can have your data coming in from multiple sources and have any data point validated before it hits your system once the data gets cleansed  you can filter the valid data to post out in real time to your clients. This process takes anywhere from seconds to minutes depending on which Data Validation Process you use. We are already integrated with companies like Bridge, SIFT Logic, Impressionwise, and AMI Corp to perform any Data Validation Point you need.


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