Data Mapping Your Campaigns

Posting data to your clients is an essential part of your business, but often times the posting instructions that you’re provided with are difficult to interpret and have multiple fields that need to have specific types of data passed through. We’ve made data mapping for your campaigns as simple as possible. Simply insert the specific parameter formats that your clients need to receive the data in, and then associating the incoming data fields from where the parameters will pull the data from.

Static values

For example, if your client requires you to post over the fields Firstname, Lastname, Email, and Phone, you can simply input the parameters down the Parameter’s column left hand side and map them to the corresponding Map to Fields in the center.

There is also a Map to Field value named Static Value which is used to deliver values that need to pass on every string, such as ListID’s, Authentication Keys, API keys or Campaign Codes. To map a parameter to a static value, simply input the Parameter Name, map it to Static Value, and then input the static value under the Map To A Static Value field.
For example, if you need to pass a specific ListID of 250 out on every record, simply map the Parameter name as ListID, Map to Static Value, and insert 250 under the Map To A Static Value field.

Finally, one very useful tools is the Import Mapping from Post URL button located at the top right of the Data Mapping section. importurl
This button allows you to paste in an example Post URL with all the parameters and values, and the software will map all the parameters down the Parameter Name column, and their respective values down the Static Value column. All that is left for you to do once you have imported the example Post URL will be to map the corresponding fields with their respective parameters.

Example URL:
After Import the URL has been imported: