New Feature: Disable and Enabling ALL Outgoing Campaigns at Once

We’ve all had times where you have needed to stop sending all data to a particular client for one reason or another. Before we had it so our clients were able to suspend individual campaigns one at a time, but when it came to the case of turning multiple campaigns off at once it was a hassle to individually click on each of their feeds to turn them off or back on. We are now allowing with a simple click of a button to enable and disable all feeds associated with a customer. Simply navigate in your instance to the Customers tab located under Outgoing Data and locate the customer you wish to turn the feeds on or off for.

Once you’ve found your customer, you’ll notice on the right hand side of the Customer under Options there is a green Thumbs Up and a red Thumbs Down button. The green button will activate all suspended campaigns for the customer, where as the red button will suspend any active campaigns for the customer.