How to Properly Utilize the Dupe Check Feature

The Dupe Check functionality inside Waypoint Software is an extremely powerful tool used to make sure only unique records are getting into your system. This helps prevent you from paying for the same lead twice and also sending out the same record to a client multiple times. The dupe check functionality works primarily off of incoming phone and email records, but can also have additional fields such as name and address checked for the lead to be considered a duplicate. The check can be set globally across the system, by individual sources (live feeds of data posting in), or by source groups.

dupe check

Source Grouping inside the Waypoint Platform allows for multiple sources to be grouped together and the dupe check function to be performed by all sources in the group. A prime example of how to properly utilize this would be grouping multiple sources of the same data vertical together and de-duping among each other to make sure you’re only getting in unique records for that vertical.

source group

When it comes down to it there are a variety of different ways to utilize the dupe check features inside the system and each broker has their own method to success, but should you need help or any assistance in setting one up for your sources please feel free to contact us here at Waypoint Software so that we can help you out.