Email Oversight Integration

November 5, 2019 Integrations 0 Comments

Validating the contact information of your records is a vital part to ensure that there are no invalid records that can hurt your IP reputation with your ESPs. We’ve integrated with Email Oversight to allow for a real time validation of your leads to scrub out any invalid or spam records from passing through your lists.

To connect an incoming data source up to Email Oversight validation you will need the following values located within your Email Oversight account.

1. ListID

As a note, a separate FTP Username and Password are required for BULK Validation if you’re loading a file in and want it to pass through to Email Oversight, but OPTIONAL if you only plan on doing live validation within a source.

Edit the source you wish to apply the validation to and configure it as follows:

Validation Type = Email Oversight API
Validation URL =
Validation API Key = YourApikey,YourListID
Validation Field = Email

Email Oversight Integration

Once this is configured, your source will be hooked up for live validation and any lead that passes into the system with first ping out to Email Oversight to have their validation headers appended to the record. The ‘validationstatus’ field appended by their system will determine if a record is valid or invalid, and can be filtered off of through campaign filters or inventory queries to ensure only valid records are being sent to your campaigns.

Campaign Filter for Email Oversight