How do I set up an API with MailChimp?

Mail Chimp POST / GET Integration Instructions

“Test API Key” – FIRST
Make sure to test that the API KEY given by MailChimp is valid before setting up campaign mappings in Waypoint

Test Post URL:“apikey”

invalid key response (In Browser):
{“status”:”error”,”code”:-1,”name”:”Invalid_Key”,”message”:”Invalid API key”}

Test API Key through JSON request:

Click TRY IT in Validate an API key and respond to a ping.
Insert the api key between the ” ” and click VERIFY. you will see if the key is valid or invalid in the results response below

If API Key response returns as a valid key continue integration mappings in Waypoint outgoing campaigns
Below is the CORRECT post string to integrate Waypoint Software to MailChimp using a GET/POST Method:

Replace <DC> in the post string with last part of API Key AFTER the –
EXAMPLE: apikey=82c9f4ace9516b054f855d2b3e6d44b7-us10
EXAMPLE: <DC> would be replaced with us10 which is the last set of characters after the dash –
EXAMPLE: id=46513c1448
Correct String Format with Example String Added:…

Additional Post Variables:

More Info on POST / GET integration and the full MailChimp API Library:
Once you have created your campaign in Waypoint copy the full string (Correct String Above) with your active MailChimp API Key and ID and paste it into the Simple PostURL mapping feature which will create all the data mappings for you automatically.

Good Job, Your good to go! Your data in Waypoint SaaS can start posting through the MailChimp API in a completely automated environment.

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