FTP Delivery Options

We’re always striving to improve our platform with new features, and that includes making additions to the current features we have. Recently, we’ve been seeking to improve on the current options that we allow for outgoing campaign’s FTP delivery method by allow you to designate specific sub folders that the file is placed into, and designate the port of the foreign FTP that you need to connect to.

To designate a subfolder that you want you file to post to inside the foreign FTP you simply have to insert the subfolder(s) names under the reference key as follows: /subfoldername/
You can also designate additional subfolders by adding the second subfolder name to the end of the first: /subfoldername/subfolder2/

The second option we’ve improved upon is allowing for specific port designation for the foreign FTP. If the port isn’t designated it defaults to port 21, however if you need to designate a specific port aside from 21, next to the destination of the ftp you need to insert a colon followed by the port number. Ex:  ftp.destination.com:22