Fullname Conversion

The fullname conversion function allows for the capture a lead with just one name field, ‘fullname’ to split into multiple fields, ‘firstname’ and ‘lastname’. This function is primarily used for when a webform, ESP, or data provider is unable to separate the firstname and lastname fields before posting to your instance.

When a lead passes in on a string with the field, ‘fullname’, it stores the value for the ‘fullname’ and also stores new values for the ‘firstname’ and ‘lastname’ fields. For example, if the a lead is passed with the following values

&email=jonsmith@domain.com&fullname=Jon Smith

It stores the field and value for ‘fullname’ as ‘Jon Smith’, and the system would automatically split and store the ‘firstname’ value as ‘Jon’ and the ‘lastname’ value as ‘Smith’.

There are a few rules that apply to this feature. Fullname must have two character sets that are separated by a space to calculate and store a value for firstname and lastname. If there is no space detected, but there is still a value in the fullname field, such as ‘Jon’, it will store it under the ‘firstname’ field only and leave the ‘lastname’ field empty.