Import Mapping

Standardizing the format in which data is stored inside any platform is important for organizing and clarity of the users. Users have often times come across situations where they are receiving data with different parameters for the same value. An example of this is a data broker receiving the Firstname field from different clients in different formats, such as First_Name or Fname. Having multiple fields containing the same information causes confusion when search through, and posting out data to their clients. To circumvent this, Waypoint Software has built an Import Mapping section located under the Administration section of the navigation bar.
On the Import Mapping page you will notice three different columns: Input Column, Lead Column, Options. The Input Column is the format in which the data is being received, and the Lead Column is which field the data from the Input Column will be stored in. For this example, you will see the three different input types for the firstname value under the Input Column, and the three values being mapped to the firstname value under the Lead Column.

To add a new import mapping field, all you have to do is insert the input type, and map it to the desired header you want that data to be stored in. In this example we are mapping the value first to firstname. Please not that the Input Column names are case sensitive, but the lead column that it is being mapped to is not.