Instapage is an all in one landing page solution for data generators to capture leads with. We’re fully integrated to receive posts from their system when leads sign up through their web forms. To configure your Instapage account to send leads to your Waypoint Software instance you’ll need to utilize the Integration’s tab inside your Instapage account.

Under Page Integrations locate the “Webhooks” tab, and insert the capture URL of your Waypoint Software account along with the xAuthention key of the source you would like the data to route to and hit connect.
Example Input:

Once the webhook has been connected to the account, you’ll need to associate the webhook to the specific web form you’re utilizing. Select the form you’d like to associate and navigate to the Settings for the form located at the top right. Under the settings click on “Integrations” and select “Webhook” from the list.
Step 1, “Endpoint”, your available connected endpoints will list below, select the one you’ve set up to connect to your Waypoint Software account and click continue.

Step 2, “Token”, there is no Token required and should be left blank.
Step 3, “Method”, select “Send by POST”.

Step 4, “Fields” select the fields and the format for how you want them to pass over.
Step 5, “Session”, map the additional fields which you’d like to pass over such as timestamp and IP address.
Step 6, “Finish”, you’re done! When someone opt’s into your webform it will now automatically pass that record into your Waypoint Software account!