Inventory Features Update

Here at Waypoint Software we’re always looking for new ways to improve our platform and add new features, so this month we’re pleased to present the additional features that we’ve added to the inventory function.


The biggest features which has been added are the “Previously Assigned To” and the “Never Assigned To” Customer boxes under the View Inventory section.

When performing a query, the “Previously Assigned To” box allows you to check a customer, or set of customers using CTRL+Click, and search for records that were previously assigned or delivered to the customer(s). Conversely, the “Never Assigned To” box allows you to check a customer, or set of customers and search for unique records that haven’t previously been assigned or delivered the customer(s). These two boxes can help you isolate unique records that have or have not been delivered, as well as help ensure that you’re only providing your customers with fresh data instead of duplicates.

The next feature that has been implemented is the “Saved Searches” section located at the top of the inventory screen. After any inventory search is performed you now have the option to save the search so you can run it again at a later date. Simply click the “Save Search” button located at the top of the search results, this will bring up a new window where you can insert an identifying name for the search performed.
demo search

Once the “Save” button is selected, the search will be saved and displayed at the top of the Inventory screen. To run this search again simply click on the Lightning icon under the Options of the saved search.saved_searches