New calculated field: HasFullPostal

When you’re dealing with millions of records, often times you’ll want to search for specific set of records. One of the request we frequently were getting asked for was to find out if a record has full postal address attached to it. We’re excited to let you know, that the time has come.

We’ve added a new field to each incoming lead in the system called “HasFullPostal”. When a record is accepted the system checks to see if the fields for address, city, state, and zip code are all filled out and then sets the value of HasFullPostal to “t” for true if the four fields contain data, or “f” for false if they’re missing part of the record.hasfullpostal

Additionally, we’ve added this field as a searchable value under the inventory section of the platform so you’ll easily be able to search for records with only completed address fields. To perform these inventory searches select “Has Full Postal” from the inventory field, select equals for the type of search, and then input the value “t” on the right to only pull records with full postal.