Ongage Integration

We’re happy to announce that we’ve integrated with Ongage to allow data to flow into the different lists within your Ongage platform. The set up process is easy, just follow the simple steps below and you’ll be posting data to your Ongage platform in no time.

Step 1.
Make sure you have your Ongage account information on hand, you’ll be required to have the “X_USERNAME”, “X_PASSWORD”, and the “X_ACCOUNT_CODE” located inside your Ongage account.

Step 2.
Under the Campaign Details section set the following values:

Delivery Method = HTTPPOST
Destionation =
Reference Key = X_USERNAME={{username}},X_PASSWORD={{password}},X_ACCOUNT_CODE={{account_code}}


Step 3.
Under the Data Mapping section set the parameter’s included in your Ongage list that you’d like to pass on the record, such as email and ip, as well as the list_id you want to post to.

Step 4.
Finally, in the HTML Payload Section include the mapping of the parameter fields, comma separated and enclosed in brackets in the following format:

{ “email”: “{{email}}”, “parametername”: “{{parametername}}”, “”anyfield”: “{{anyfleld}}” }

This completes the campaign setup for your Waypoint Software account to post records to Ongage. Make sure to check your campaign filters and add the sourcemix to the campaign to turn it live and start delivering records in real time to Ongage.