Overflow Queue

We’re happy to be introducing a new feature called “Overflow” which is used for loading a legacy file and having it only import a certain amount of records per day, designated in the source’s Leads Per Day box. This feature is perfect if you’re working with larger bulk legacy files and want to load only a specific amount per day without having to split the original file into your daily volume segments and load them daily. The setup for utilizing Overflow is as follows:

1. When setting up or editing a campaign, insert your desired number of leads per day to post into in the source in the “Leads Per Day” box.

2. Check the “Allow Overflow” box.

That’s it! For example, the above setup will tell the source to only load 500 leads per day from the leads that go into the “Overflow” area. You could load a file of 25,000 records and hit only load 500 per day with that set up. You can also modify the “Leads Per Day” anytime to allow more leads to pass in for that day as well.

Any sources that are actively utilizing the overflow queue will display the number of remaining records inside the overflow queue to the right of the number of leads imported today as (+#####).