Postponing Deliveries

We’re happy to roll out a new feature in Waypoint Software, postponing campaign deliveries. Many of our clients have requested this feature which allows the records to be delivered at a future date instead of the date the records were actually assigned. This feature is most commonly used when leads are being sold on an exclusive basis and then resold at a later specified time period (for instance a week delay on the feed). This feature is located at the bottom of the Campaign Details when setting up or editing a campaign.

To set up a postponed delivery simply insert the number of days, hours, minutes, and seconds you want the campaign’s deliveries to be delayed by in the box. The format can be done in two different ways, first of which is the written format:
days : days
hrs : hours
mins : minutes
secs : seconds
For Example, a delay of 7days 5 hours 10 minutes would be inserted as “7days 5 hrs 10 mins”

The second method that is able to be used is the numeric method of “days hour:mins:secs” which, using the example of 7days 5 hours 10 minutes would be formatted as follows “7 05:10:00”