Sample Posting String

We’re always happy to release minor updates to our platform that will help improve your everyday use. We’ve released a new feature when setting up new campaigns that will auto populate a sample posting string for the campaign if it’s a HTTPPOST or HTTPGET posting method.

Once a campaign has been created and the data mapping has been filled out, you are able to see a sample example POSTURL string at the bottom of the campaign. The sample string draws from the destination field and will fill out any headers with test values for you to use. Any static values, such as listID’s, xAuthenticaiton keys, or Campaign Codes will be copied over as the static values input in the column on the right.

Below is the data mapping for a campaign. The sample posting string will auto populate based on these values.
Data Mapping

Below you can see the sample posting string that was generated based on the above data mapping.
Sample Posting String