Source Groups and Categorizing Your Incoming Data

The source group feature is a powerful tool that allows you to categorize the incoming data in your system. Each source is able to be associated with a source group, and you are able to create as many source groups as you would like. Associating sources into the respective source groups will allow you to categorize the data, dedupe against other sources inside the group, and query by the source groups in the inventory section of the platform.
Source groups are located at the bottom of the sources page under incoming data.
You can add a new source group by simply typing the name into the box, and then clicking the add source group button. Once you’ve added the various groups and verticals you wish to work with you can add them to an incoming source by editing the source. Locate the Vendor Group drop down box, which is the source group, and add select which source group you wish this source to be associated with.
Once you’ve done this, on the sources page you can see the various different source groups that your sources are associated with and filter by source groups as well in the search bar.
source group