Statically Appending Headers And Values on Incoming Data

We’re back again with another great feature for you to utilize inside Waypoint Software! You’re now able to append preset headers and values for these headers to the incoming leads for your system. Take for example that you would like to append a header for the affiliate ID of a client where the header is “AffID” with the value of “25” to every lead that comes into a specific source. It’s as easy as editing the source and locating the “

This action may be performed with any header you desire, and multiple headers and values can be separated by commas. For example, “Custom1=ABC,Custom2=123
Append Multiple Headers

Please note however, if a lead is being passed to you where the designated header already has a value, the lead’s original header value will be retained and the header inside the Custom Field Addin box will not overwrite the value for that lead.