Suppression Lists

We are excited to announce our suppression lists beta build out! Suppressing emails or phones are an essential part of managing your data lists. We’re stilling in further development of a full fledged system, but for now we’ve made it possible for you to create a new source and designate it as a suppression file, so that any emails or phones that passing into this source will be considered a suppressed record for other sources with that suppression list selected.

We recommend creating a new Vendor named “Suppression” to associate your suppression list sources with. The method behind setting up a new suppression list is simple, first you will begin by creating a new Source. While in the source information page, you will want to set up the Dupe Check to Source Only and set the Dupe Field 1 to the designated suppression value (email or phone1), finally check the “Use As Suppression List” box at the bottom of the page. This will designate the source as a suppression list.
suppression lists setup

Once you have your source set as a suppression list, you are able to add records to the list by uploading files or posting records to the suppression source. To use this suppression list on another source simply edit the source in which you wish to add this suppression list to and select it from the “Suppression List” drop down box located on the source information page.


The suppression lists feature will work alongside of the dupe check feature, so you can have both of these enabled for a source. Below is an example of a source setup to dupe check off email while also using the previously set up suppression list.

Please note, if a record does get suppression due to it being on the suppression list the suppression list’s dupe value will increase instead of the source’s dupe value.