Reformatting Date-Time Stamps

For every lead inside your Waypoint instance there is a field called “inserttime” which is automatically added to the record at the time of capture. This field is by default formatted as follows:

Year-Month-Day Hour:Minutes:Seconds

However, there are many databases and systems that require a different time stamps or date-time format for a record to be accepted. Waypoint Software offers a way to reformat the Insert Time field under the Data Mapping portion of your outgoing Campaigns so the accepting database can get the date-time in the correct format. The Date-Time calls for reformatting are as follows:

%Y : Year
%m : Month
%d : Day
%H : Hour
%M : Minute
%S : Second

These time calls are used under the static value column to format how the date-time needs to be send. For instance, if your client requires data to be posted in a Day/Month/Year Hour:Minutes:Seconds format, you would input %d/%m/%Y %H:%M:%S under the Static Value column associated with the Map to Field “inserttime”.
date time reformat

In addition to reformatting date and time, many times databases require posting in Epoch or Unix format. To post records over in an Epoch or Unix format under the Static Value column input %s which will convert the inserttime value to the correct format when the record delivers.

epoch-unix format

Along with reformatting the date-time stamp, you’re also able to pass the current server time on a record as well. To do this simple insert your parameter name, set the Map to Field as a “Static Value” and in the Static Value column add “CURRENT_TIMESTAMP”.

This will cause the current server time to send on the lead in a MM/DD/YY HH:MM:SS format.